Sammy V. | International Violinist in Toronto, Miami and All Across North America - Toronto Violinist


Often referred to as “Master of the Violin,” SAMMY V is a fourth generation celebrity violinist. His shows have the essence of both eastern and western sounds. He’s got influenced by many virtuosos from all around the world. He continues to enchant audiences with breathtaking virtuosity, tone and charismatic stage presence. With restless curiosity, passion, universal appeal, and multi-faceted musical interests he has earned the rare title of “Modern Fiddler.”

At age four, he received his first violin from his parents, both Violin and Vocal professionals. By age 12, he was serious about the instrument thanks in large part to the inspiration of his father, his beloved teacher and mentor. Two years later, Sammy came to national attention and started to have concerts and musical shows at national and international platforms. Sammy V now resides in Toronto and his performances include appearances all across the North America.

As a featured Soloist he toured Europe, the Middle East and North America with celebrity singers, DJ’s and producers. An exclusive Modern Violin artist, Sammy V has recorded more than 40 albums and he currently is the music director of many prominent artists in Toronto and New York.