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12 July 2023
Violin Master
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Sammy V, who took his first steps in music life by taking harmony and music theory lessons, decided to play the violin when he was twelve years old, inspired by his music teacher in secondary school. Sammy V, who embarked on a musical journey with various cultures of the Aegean and Anatolia, won the Bilkent University Department of Music and Performing Arts in 2006 and graduated from this department in 2011.

Sammy V, who took the stage with many bands in Ankara during these years, took the stage as a guest artist at TRT Balkan Concerts in 2009. Sammy V., who started to work with familiar names such as TRT Ankara Radio Sound Artist Zekai Tunca and Ayhan Tekin Orchestra during his Ankara years, has also represented Turkey in many festivals abroad. Sammy Violin, with his six-man band, has appeared in festivals outside of Europe as well. Sammy V, who took part in many album recordings, has achieved great success by going on tours as well.


Sammy Violin, who is very popular in European countries, is a successful artist known as the "Master of the Violin". It has been affected by major viritioses from all over the world. Sammy V's performances are known to have the essence of both eastern (oriental) and western sounds. Sammy V is famous for captivating the audience with his breathtaking dominance, admiring tone and charismatic stance, while also focusing the audience on himself on stage. Sammy Violin's universal appeal, curiosity and versatile musical interest have made him an "International Violin Artist".

While Sammy Violin's high energy fascinates the audience, his different style reveals his difference on stage.

Sammy Violin, after fulfilling his military service in 2012; He was accepted to the "Humber College" in Toronto Canada for his master's degree and moved to this city. Sammy V, who has been on prestigious stages such as the "Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra" since this date, released his first solo single in 2016 with the label "Sun Sun Sun".


Sammy Violin has come to the fore again in the market by interpreting Latin, Hip-Hop and English pop music violin covers in his own style between 2018-2020. He succeeded in attracting attention with his covers and started South American Concerts in these years. Also, on October 19, 2022, the "Toronto Raptors" representing the city of Toronto in the American National Basketball League NBA performed the season opening show before the Cleveland Cavaliers match (2022-23 Home Opener).

Having started to appear on international stages in Miami, New York, Los Angeles, United States (USA), Cartagena-Colombia, Hannover-Germany, Dublin-Ireland, Greece and Italy, Sammy Violin also carries out independent works from other musicians. Sammy Violin released the Flamenco piece "Corazon Español" in 2022 with the production of ATD Music / Net D and also shot a video clip.

Currently living in Toronto, Canada, Sammy V has performed and performed all over North America. Sammy Violin has also accompanied more than 40 albums.

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