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How to Choose Your Wedding Violinist
11 July 2023
How to Choose Your Wedding Violinist
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We have brought together everything you need to hire a wedding violinist; entertainment source of weddings, wedding music budget, questions to ask and the market prices of the wedding violinist and so on. Couples who want to book a wedding violinist, this article is for you!
If I ask you “What is the most inevitable thing for a wedding party” What would come to your mind as the first thing? Yes you are right; Music!
The elegance of the place, the taste of the food and the quality of the music; forms an integral whole in weddings!
In almost every part of the world, musicians/bands prepare special playlists for weddings, and stage costumes are specially designed for those special nights. Some even can make their stage performances more colorful with their dance moves!
Although there are live band that wedding venues offer to couples, people started to lean towards wanting to work with top notch musicians and bands recently after witnessing horrible experiences they came across at one of the events/wedding they attended in the past and they definitely want to avoid it for their own!. If you hear what I’m talking about here, this article is going to help you how to make your selection and what details to pay attention in advance.

Wedding Music Budget

Before starting to analyze wedding musician(s)/bands, you must set a budget! After determining how much you can spend on your live entertainment, you can continue with filtering the available entertainers by their standing in the industry and their prices.
While examining the available performers; the second important detail to pay attention to is musicians’ performance videos! What genres/styles of music can they play? How do they communicate with the audience? How does the audience respond to their performance? You can find answers to some of those questions in those videos. Some musicians/bands can even invite couples to watch their live performances before closing the deal.
Once you book your venue, I suggest you to make your decision on musician/band selection asap since there is a scarcity of quality entertainers especially when it comes to dates in the high season. So try to close your deals latest by 12 months prior to your wedding date.
Some exceptional musicians/bands can play songs from almost different genres. However, you cannot assume this and expect them to play anything like an iPod. Having said that; if there is a specific style you want to be played, I highly recommend you to ask the performer you are negotiating with very clearly before you sign the contract with them.

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