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5 Common Mistakes Couples Make at Musician Selection
11 July 2023
5 Common Mistakes Couples Make at Musician Selection
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Pre-wedding process perhaps is the time period when couples argue about anything and everything. During this period, the nerves are extremely tense, which makes it easier to make mistakes especially when it comes to music, musician/violinist and live band selection since everyone has a different taste in music and expectations for their most special night.

In this article, I’ll be discussing the most common mistakes newly married couples make during musician selection process. From day one till the day of, couples experience stressful times due to both having to rush to get as many things as possible done in a short period of time and the pressure of families of both sides. So the most important point here is what precautions you can take to avoid getting caught in the stress vortex, so let’s go step by step! Whether you think of yourself as a musical person or not, the live music selection at your wedding is very important, and a great band/musician can be the difference between a hugely entertaining wedding and an unforgettable one.  
1) Do not reject the idea of ​​a live musician/band right away Do you love live music and have a big budget? A fully live band can be your perfect choice. Do you have a tighter budget? A solo/duo musician(s) can be a better bet for you. However, don't reject it without even making a research about it because you think a band will automatically go over your budget or a solo musician will be cheesy.First of all, do your research (to get started, check out great solo musician and bands at my media section and then get recommendations from your circle. You will find great variety of selections! 2) Focusing too much on the reception and bypassing the Ceremony Ceremony/registration is also a unique portion of your wedding day and you definitely don’t want it to go to waste on a big silence. Your guests will arrive 20-30 minutes before the ceremony starts, but if they have to wait in silence, the wait will feel much longer. Make sure you book your ceremony musician separately and have him/her start no later than 20 minutes before the processionals begin.

3) Skipping a sound check and/or a Sound Engineer


Depending on your location, there may be limitations on the type of music you can have (such as power supply, volume up, or time of day restrictions). Even if there are no regulations, it's usually a good idea to ask your venue manager about the size of the room, max number of people you can have at a time and etc (for example, a soloist might feel small in a big ballroom, but work for an intimate garden party).

Speak to your band or solo musician to schedule a DAY TIME Sound check with a professional sound technician at the venue before guests arrive and take a stroll in the room. You may not realize that crashing waves can easily overwhelm a string quartet or triple flute, but a professional SOUND ENGINEER would make your musicians sound incredible or you can literally screw the entire show by cheaping out on one. Never ever cut corners on technicals!


4) Waiting until the wedding day to meet your musicians in person

Schedule a meeting with your musicians and speak to them one-on-one. Nothing can beat a face to face communication. This person/people will be your start on the day of, so you want an easy relationship with him/them. Ask them your questions and forward your worries if you have one before hand, do not leave it up to the last minute and panic on the day of! This single meeting can avoid shocking news on your most special day.

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